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Poly Wheel Kit for SR cart

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10.00 LBS
$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Poly Wheel Kit for SR cart

Poly Wheel Kit for Sr. Carts.   Includes two, 15" X 7"  large Poly Wheels,( 200 lb weight capacity- non hwy) one axle & one stainless steel mounting hardware kit; 5/8" solid aluminum axle, & air needle valve

Note;  This kit will enhance the use of your large or junior cart in soft sand

 Note:  These wheels are Not for highway use


To check size, measure from  the ground to the center of the axle on an empty cart; should be 7.5" maximum

Tire should look slightly flat on the bottom when in use

Tire is intended for sand and soft sole terrain only.  DO NOT use on rocky or gravel terrains.

Small punctures can be repaired using super glue: apply a small amount of glue inside puncture and allow to seal before adding slight air pressure( again with hand pump only)

Poly  Wheel Tires:

      Nylon composite rim

      6" X 6" diameter X 5/8" hole

      Poly Tire info written on tire

      1-2 PSI Hand/Bike pump only

      200 lbs weight capacity

      5mph max road speed/ if pulled with gold cart/bike/atv etc


You need SKU 228 for Jr Carts